9 major health benefits of marijuana

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9 Major Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana

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You are here: Home / 9 Major Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana. In Uncategorized // on November 9th, // by cambie // No comment. It’s buyer-beware for medical marijuana users, since the data supporting the benefits of cannabinoids are still in flux, and most marijuana edibles aren’t well labeled.

Marijuana (cannabis) is a green, brown or gray mixture of dried, shredded leaves, stems, seeds and flowers of the hemp plant Cannabis sativa.

9 Benefits of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is used as a psychoactive (i.e. mind altering) recreational drug, for certain medical ailments and for religious and spiritual purposes. Medical marijuana has been making breakthroughs for years with technology continuing to advance at a rapid pace.

With laws changing all of the time and more research being done on the medical benefits of cannabinoids found in marijuana, we are witnessing some exciting things happening in. Economics of Cannabis Legalization.

Marijuana as Medicine

by Dale Gieringer, Ph. D. Reprinted from Ed Rosenthal, the major health risk of heavy marijuana use appears to be respiratory harm due to smoking $9 billion per year. The economic benefits of marijuana legalization are summarized in Table 2. The total direct savings to government in taxes and.

10 Major Health Benefits of Marijuana Igor Derysh | Sep 2, pm | Dec 2, pm The days of Reefer Madness are pretty far gone, but the American public is still vastly uninformed about marijuana, particularly concerning its myriad of amazing health benefits.

9 major health benefits of marijuana
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