Analysis william wordsworth s female vagrant

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The Female Vagrant (Lyrical Ballads)

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William Wordsworth World Literature Analysis - Essay

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Go to: Distributed Proofreaders. In fact, “The Female Vagrant” is widely considered one of Wordsworth’s most political poems both in its agricultural-ecological concentration and in the underlying politics of the metrical form.

In Wordsworth's narrative poem 'The Female Vagrant,' a British female vagrant who grew up in the country narrates her plight which took place during the later part of the eighteenth century when Britain was under urbanization, industrialization, and fighting in the American war for independence.

Literature Network» William Wordsworth» The Female Vagrant. The Female Vagrant. By Derwent's side my Father's cottage stood, (The Woman thus her artless story told) One field, a flock, and what the neighbouring flood Supplied, to him were more than mines of gold.

The Female Vagrant (What happens in the poem?) 1 The poem begins with the same structure used in other Wordsworth poems. He begins with by telling of an aspect of nature, before going on to tell of the negative effects of the modern world "By Derwents side my fathers cottage stood".

Analysis william wordsworth s female vagrant
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William Wordsworth World Literature Analysis - Essay -