Banksy real or fake

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Banksy warns of fake art

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Graffiti Stencils

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; Here’s Why the Banksy Movie Is a Banksy Prank A new “documentary” directed by the world’s most famous street artist is just another of his signature ruses. A Banksy mural has sold for more than £, on eBay.

But what distinguishes a real from a fake? A ticksheet to determine whether that graffiti at the end of the street is a genuine Banksy. After all, the Banksy print was being displayed in a comically large frame, so Sotheby’s probably should’ve known that something was up, and internet sleuths have even begun to question if the real print was shredded or if a fake print simply popped out of the bottom of the frame in tatters.

Banksy, known for his satirical and subversive street art, Most sellers claim to have been at either the Nottingham Carnival or Reading Festival inand the fake notes sold are either photocopies or printed scans.

“Reproduction” Di-faced Banksy note. Source: Oct 22,  · Yesterday, a fake Banksy held an impromptu sale on a New York street.

Saigon’s Hidden Cafes

He sold all 40 of his works in one hour. He sold all 40 of his works in one hour. The sale was created by artists Dave.

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; Here’s Why the Banksy Movie Is a Banksy Prank A new “documentary” directed by the world’s most famous street artist is just another of his signature ruses.

Banksy real or fake
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