Discerning nuances in consumer behavior

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First and foremost, they want value for money. Critique, attitudes are predispositions to behave in a contemporary way. Markdowns: Decoding the Nuances of Consumer Behaviour A new model that accounts for how consumers view wait-or-buy decisions shows retailers how to harvest higher revenue from deeper discounts Dec 29, However, as consumer behavior and the retail landscape evolves, winning will mean understanding the nuances of a new era and playing by a quickly shifting set of rules.

A New Era for Brands in Developing Asia - Bain & Company. have greater impact on consumer buying behaviour (Dinu, G., & Dinu, L., ).

What is a discerning consumers?

Consumer buying behaviour can be enhanced with rich quality and creative advertisements and by building positive consumer perception through strong marketing strategies (Malik, M. E., et al., ). Discerning definition, showing good or outstanding judgment and understanding: a discerning critic of French poetry.

See more. The biggest change in consumer behavior during the past year, Helstab said, is the ever-increasing use of tablet devices and smartphones.

As a result, Four Seasons revenues from iPad transactions increased by % from toHelstab said, and she expects an equal jump this year. Implications for consumer companies. In light of these new consumer behaviors, what actions should consumer-goods companies and retailers take?

How can they best position themselves for future success? In our view, they would do well to consider the following imperatives, each of which addresses one or more of the behaviors discussed above.

Discerning nuances in consumer behavior
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