Ecriture feminine

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Ecriture Feminine

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Sappho’s Body is Leaking: Sacred Enclosures of Queer Desire

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écriture feminine

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The central ideas of Ecriture Feminine, literally "women's writing", are going to be presented in this paper. In the first part, a brief description of Cixous's intellectual milieu is given in order to show the actual reason that led her to come up with a new notion of liberating women from Simon Wortmann.

Introduced by Helene Cixous in her essay, The Laugh of the Medusa, ecriture feminine refers to a uniquely feminine style of writing characterised by disruptions in the text, such as gaps, silences, puns, new images and so on.

It is eccentric, incomprehensible and inconsistent, and the difficulty to understand it is attributed to centuries of. Dec 22,  · According to Cixous the female body and female sexuality have been negated and repressed by centuries of male power.

For her, a recuperation of the female body is, in fact, the main source of ecriture feminine. Feb 27,  · L'Ecriture Féminine is a French feminist theorist movement that literally translated means Feminist writing.

This term was originally coined by Hélène Cixous, who wished to create a sort of language or new type of writing that allowed women to express themselves. As Leslie W. Rabine states in her article "Ecriture Féminine as Metaphor", "Cixous and.

Ecriture feminine
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