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Oscar-winner Guillermo del Toro calls Vancouver's McLeod's Books

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Guillermo del Toro is perhaps the most visually imaginative director alive today. Unlike Paul Thomas Anderson, with his infuriatingly perfect sense of visual balance, or Alfonso Cuarón, whose Oscar-sweeping Gravity required the invention of a novel, hyper-realisti c filming method, del Toro doesn’t deal with real life.

His domain is the fantastical. Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Guillermo del Toro is the director of the films Cronos, Mimic, The Devil's Backbone, Blade II, Hellboy I, Hellboy II, and Pan's Labyrinth, which garnered enormous critical praise worldwide and won three Academy Awards.

Nacido y criado en Guadalajara, México, Guillermo del Toro ha dirigido muchas películas exitosas, incluso El laberinto del Fauno. Mexican director Guillermo del Toro reacts to his 13 Academy Award nomination for his film 'The Shape of Water' and says his journey to success was long and bumpy.

Like Patrón, legendary filmmaker Guillermo del Toro was born in Jalisco – it was this connection that brought them together, resulting in a tequila and liqueur that. Guillermo del Toro Retweeted Jeremy Kirby A great graphic artist but also an amazing yarn-weaver.

Guillermo del Toro on ‘At the Mountains of Madness’ and a Hard Lesson Learned

He stands alone for epic, almost muralist-size scope in comic abrasiverock.comt Status: Verified. May 14,  · Netflix will bring Guillermo del Toro's unusual blend of horror and fantasy to the small screen, the streaming service said Monday.

The video streaming company said Guillermo del Toro .

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