Hazrat imam hussain

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Sayings of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH

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Shrine of Imam Hussain (Karbala, Iraq)

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Shahadat Imam Hussain (R.A) In Urdu

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Ya Ali Ya Hussain Lyrics

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Impartiality the teacher guides the fact and takes the work of a simple figure and offers council to the writer, and the material respects the teacher as a patriarch. This book consists of Imam Ali's (May Allah be merciful to him) khutbas/sermons, prayers, teachings, etc. and is a well known and respected book among all traditional and orthodox muslims; especially the Shia.

Hazrat Ali (R.A) was born in nearly A.D, some 30 years after the birth of the Messenger ﷺ of God, to a well known family of Qureyshi tribe, Bani Hashim, in Makkah.

Hazrat Fatima Az Zahra (sa)

Introduction Fatimah SWT is the only daughter of the Prophet of Islam SAWS. Our Lady's mothers name is Lady Khadijah (R.A) the first wife of the Prophet SAWS. Hazrat Fatima (sa) in the Holy Quran. اللَّهُ نُورُ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ ۚ مَثَلُ نُورِهِ كَمِشْكَاةٍ فِيهَا مِصْبَاحٌ ۖ الْمِصْبَاحُ فِي زُجَاجَةٍ.

First Ismaili Electronic Library and Database. First Ismaili Electronic Library and Database - Welcome to the First web site dedicated to H.H. It was Friday 13th of Rajab 30 Amulfeel Hazrat Fatima binte Asad, the wife of Hazrat Abu Talib entered the precincts of the Kaaba and prayed to Allah saying O’my protector ease my pain.’All of a sudden the wall of the Kaaba opened up and she, as if by some unseen force went inside the Kaaba and the wall closed.

Hazrat imam hussain
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