Mba 520 syllabus

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Mba 520 Syllabus

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Mba 520 Syllabus

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MBA – Leadership and Course syllabus will be discussed at the first session together with foundational PRE-CLASS ASSIGNMENT Familiarize yourselves with both text books. Brief Note from Relax the Instructor. Title: The Master of Arts in Integrated Professional Studies. Financial Reporting and Analysis MBA August 31, – November 21, 12 weeks; In class COURSE SYLLABUS Instructor/Professor: Debra Keith BU Email: [email protected] Office Location: Online or by phone Office Hours: Before and after class or by phone Phone Contacts: (home phone-6pm to pm, thank you) Text & Resources: (1) Financial Accounting for MBAs, 6 th.

MBA Financial Analysis - Final Report 1. Financial Analysis Final Report Macy’s Thomas McDonald MBA Southern New Hampshire University 2. To receive a UIC Liautaud MBA degree you must: Complete 54 graduate credit hours, comprised of 26 hours of required core courses, 28 hours of electives and at least one declared area of concentration.

Complete one concentration (12 credits). A second area of concentration is optional. P a g e | 1 Syllabus Last Updated 2/10/ Graduate Course Syllabus MBA Accounting and Financial Analysis Center: Online Course Prerequisites MBA; MBA; MBA; MBA; OL Course Description Finance is the language of business, and in this course students will take their understanding of finance to the next level by using analytical skills when dealing with financial reporting.

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Mba 520 syllabus
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