My homework is too hard

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Aug 24,  · Tackle the hardest homework first. Your first thought might be to procrastinate and put off the most difficult homework. If you get the hard stuff out of the way when you’re most alert, however, it will be easier to get through the rest of the pile. Make a plan to go through your work bit by bit, saving the easiest tasks for last%().

Still, it can be hard for parents to discern whether homework is stalled due to ADHD or learning disabilities, or if their child is procrastinating out of laziness or defiance. By Thomas E. Brown, Ph.D. It’s common for parents to have trouble helping kids with math homework.

My Homework Is Too Hard

Math is a process. It helps to walk through the process with your child. Having examples of a similar math problem can help your child complete tough math homework. Now, the frequent struggles of having kids with homework too hard for me to adequately help with are a daily challenge and boy, oh boy, the struggle is so, so real it almost hurts to type.

Is Homework Too Hard For Today’s Parents?

Then don’t worry, just ask us “can you help me with my homework?” and all we render is a ‘yes’ to you. If you study at colleges in UK, US, Spain or elsewhere, you may be having a heaped burden of homework and assignments to be done but all you want to do is take a rest instead. May 10,  · My mom wont let me get a tutor because its "too expensive" and she said to go to a school tutor after school but I cant because I still have all that homework waiting for me and I cant risk losing an hour to do Resolved.

My homework is too hard
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