Richard porson handwriting analysis

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Porson (typeface)

Description: Originally published inthis book contains a biography of Richard Porson, the classical scholar who developed Porson's Law and whose handwriting formed the basis of the Porson typeface.

Clarke details Porson's life and includes samples of Porson's handwriting. Porson is a typeface in the Greek alphabet based on the handwriting of the English classicist Richard Porson, who, as his biographer writes, "excelled in writing with neatness and beauty" and "wrote notes on the margins of books with such studied accuracy that they rivalled print".

Mar 19,  · Two Methods: Quick and Fun Analysis Forensic Document Analysis Community Q&A A person's handwriting is as unique as their personality, which makes it tempting to connect the two. Graphology is a fun exercise, especially if you're testing someone you know, but 91%(59). Oct 27,  · The Porson Greek font is based on the handwriting of the 18th Century Greek scholar, Richard Porson.

From what I have been able to gather, Porson transcribed a handwritten portion of Medea, which was the genesis of this font. Richard Porson. 58 likes. Richard Porson was an English classical scholar. He was the discoverer of Porson's Law.

Porson (typeface)

The Greek typeface Porson was based on.

Richard porson handwriting analysis
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