Taguibo watershed

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Taguibo Watershed Essay

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Taguibo River and Watershed

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A water crisis gripped Butuan as the rising water level and turbidity at the Taguibo watershed crippled facilities of the Butuan City Water District (BCWD) facilities at Sitio Iyao in Barangay Anticala, Butuan over the weekend.

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Taguibo Watershed: Before and After This is a video that was uploaded on Youtube by a fellow Butuanon to show the damages within a month of continued illegal activities at Butuan City's main source of potable water, the Taguibo Watershed.

The Environmental Management Bureau- Caraga Region joined a tree planting activity at Barangay Pianing in Taguibo Watershed, Butuan City on June 24, it was spearheaded by DENR Caraga Region in Celebration of the Arbor Day. The most controversial watershed at present is the 4,­‐ hectare Taguibo Watershed that has been declared as a forest reserve under Presidential Decree in The Environmental Management Bureau- Caraga Region joined a tree planting activity at Barangay Pianing in Taguibo Watershed, Butuan City on June 24, it was spearheaded >> read more DENR ASEC COMMENDS EMB CARAGA.

Butuan, during the pre-colonial times, was known as the Rajahnate of Butuan, an Indianized kingdom known for its metallurgic industry and sophisticated naval technology. The rajahnate flourished at the 10th and 11th centuries CE, and had an extensive trade network with the Champa civilisation and the Srivijaya Empire.

Bythe rajahnate had established contact with the Song dynasty of China.

DENR Declares Cebu’s Butuanon River Water Quality Management Area Taguibo watershed
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