Why parents abuse their childern

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The Silent Suffering of Parent Abuse: When Children Abuse Parents

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Kids Who are Verbally Abusive: The Creation of a Defiant Child

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Why do Parents abuse their children?

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What to Do When Your Child or Teen Hits You - Parental Abuse

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Remember, if your teen is behaving violently toward you now, there is the risk that this will generalize to his future relationships with a spouse, his own children or other members of society. Mar 27,  · Parents who were physically abused as kids aren’t more likely to be violent with their own kids, according to the first large-scale, long-term study of child abuse published in Science yesterday.

The first time I became aware of adult children being abused by their parents was when I went on my fifth date with Ken, a guy I met when I was in Bible college. Why do kids threaten and verbally abuse their parents? One reason is that when these children feel powerless, they lash out in an attempt to gain more control.

Another reason is that they don’t have the problem-solving skills necessary to deal with frustration, to deal with disappointment or to resolve conflicts in a more appropriate manner.

Parental abuse by children

Traumatic experiences such as abuse can work their way into a child’s genes. This fact may come as a surprise, since most of us think of genes as something we are born with.

Of course, the genetic material we receive from our parents is important, and lays the foundation for who we are and what we become. Parent's Childhood. Adults who suffered abuse or ill treatment in childhood are more likely to abuse their own children because the family model they grew up with is flawed, according to abrasiverock.com

Why parents abuse their childern
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