Woodturning projects

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Laminated woodturning projects

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As Wood Turns

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Boss to the Wooturning Online suppose Plans page. Discover free woodworking plans and projects for free segmented woodturning projects. Start your next project for free segmented woodturning projects with one of our many woodworking plans. Pack of 20 FREE Woodturning Templates.

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Wood Turning Projects For Beginners

This series is unique among instructional videos for woodturners. Each video covers several different projects. The instruction is fast paced, focusing on critical procedures, with minimal time spent on repetitive processes. Woodturning is a very creative craft. It is a form of woodworking where objects of wood are created by turning wood stock on a lathe.

The main difference between woodturning projects and most other forms of woodworking is that here wood is moving and the tool used to shape and cut it is stationary. Here is a video I made making a reproduction of a napkin ring from the USS Shangri-La. This napkin ring was given to my aunt’s father who was a ‘plank owner’ aboard the USS Shangri-La (CV).

In the woodturning projects category we have many free woodturning projects, which are suitable for both hobbyists and professional woodturners.

Woodturning projects
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Woodturning Projects: A Workshop Guide to Shapes - Mark Baker - Google Books